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Caring for your diamond at home

Diamonds are one of the hardest substances on earth; however, they are not indestructible. They can chip and break and are especially vulnerable at the girdle [link to diamond anatomy]. Having diamonds set in a relatively protective setting, can help keep them safe. It’s also recommended to remove jewelry when performing any type of rough work, like gardening, household repairs or exercise. Since diamonds can scratch other diamonds, be sure to store jewelry in individual soft cotton pouches.

Natural skin oils, perspiration, lotions, perfume, hair spray, dirt and dust can build up on your diamond and dull its natural beauty. Our diamonds can be safely cleaned at home with soapy cold water and a soft washcloth. You may also use a jewelry ultrasonic cleaner set to a moderate temperature, steam cleaner or a commercial non-acid-based jewelry cleaner.

Professional care for your diamond

Professional Diamond Care We recommend having your diamond professionally cleaned and inspected every six months to a year. Prongs can break or weaken with normal wear, so it’s important your diamond gets its “annual checkup” to prevent loss and damage We believe professional maintenance of fine jewelry is essential to ensuring its beauty and longevity. At Diamond Traces, we offer complimentary cleanings and prong inspections one a year for as long as you own your product. Our comprehensive service includes a thorough cleaning and polishing, rhodium plating (for white metals), and tightening of all prongs to secure diamonds or gemstones.
For more details on this free service, contact us and speak with our diamond and jewelry expert.

If you prefer you local jeweler to take care of your “annual checkup” like prong repairs, band resizing, cleaning, or any other service, please be sure to tell your jeweler that the diamond has been clarity enhanced. Your jeweler will know to take the appropriate precautions. In the event of accidental torching by your jeweler, which would remove the enhancement, you’re backed by our Lifetime Treatment Guarantee, simply ship the diamond to us and we will re-treatment your diamond for FREE. We guarantee no fees and no questions, just unending satisfaction with your purchase.

Because unforeseen accidents do happen, we strongly recommend that you insure your diamond against loss, theft, and damage.

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