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Jewelry Warranty

For more than 35 years, Diamond Traces has demonstrated a commitment to providing high-quality diamonds and jewelry with the best service possible. Our main goal is to satisfy you and make your buying experience as pleasant as possible. We understand that purchasing merchandise over the Internet is confusing and sometimes scary, especially when large amounts of money are involved.

We also understand that buying an engagement ring or any fine jewelry is an emotional purchase which will have sentimental feelings attached for years to come. With this in mind, we guarantee that: All of the diamonds we sell are absolutely guaranteed to be authentic: All of our merchandise is sold NEW, we do not sell used or estate jewelry.

We stand behind each of our products with customer-friendly policies designed to ensure your satisfaction and make Diamond Traces your jeweler for life.

Lifetime Warranty

At Diamond Traces, we subject each of our products to the highest standards of quality. Each piece is manufactured in our facilities using only the most premium materials and methods of craftsmanship. We carefully inspect each item to ensure that it meets our strict criterion before shipping it to you.

Once you receive your item you can have it professionally cleaned and inspected locally. Most jewelry stores perform these inspection services for free, including steam cleaning your ring and checking the prongs for tightness, regardless of where you made your original purchase. You can also clean jewelry yourself using jewelry cleaner or a toothbrush and warm soapy water.

We stand behind everything we sell and warrant that all items will be free from any manufacturing defects at the time of delivery. In the rare event that you find an imperfection or defect, we invite you to send it back to Diamond Traces to be inspected by one of our master jewelers. If the defect is determined to have occurred during the manufacturing process, we'll replace or repair the item at no cost to you. If the damage was due to normal wear-and-tear, we will repair the product at cost; you will be responsible for materials, if applicable, and re-shipping. Diamond Traces does not replace or insure lost stones or items.

Please remember, the diamonds must be re-tightened annually due to normal everyday use. We suggest that you have your items professionally cleaned and rechecked on a yearly basis. You may also return your jewelry to our offices for free prong tightening, re-polishing, rhodium plating and cleaning for the life of your fine jewelry, just pay the shipping cost. Please Contact Us if you have questions or would like to return your item for any of our free warranty services.

Caring for your Diamond

We believe professional maintenance of fine jewelry is essential to ensuring its beauty and longevity. At Diamond Traces, we offer complimentary cleanings and prong inspections one a year for as long as you own your product. Our comprehensive service includes a thorough cleaning and polishing, rhodium plating (for white metals), and tightening of all prongs to secure diamonds or gemstones. For more details on this free service, contact us and speak with our diamond and jewelry expert.

Lifetime Treatment Guarantee on Feather Filling Process

The Feather Filling Clarity Enhancement Process is incredibly durable and with normal wear will last a lifetime. For added peace of mind we provide a Lifetime Treatment Guarantee on our Feather Filling Clarity Enhancement. If the enhancement of your diamond fades out, Diamond Traces Inc will re-enhance your diamond at no charge and with no questions asked. Please inform your jeweler that the diamond is clarity enhanced before any work is done on it, if a clarity enhanced diamond is exposed to acid or excessive amounts of heat it may lose its enhancement.

Jewelry Insurance

Each Diamond Traces product comes with an Independent Gemological Laboratory Report issued by a master gemologist. This signed and certified document can be provided to your insurance company to verify the replacement value of your diamond or fine jewelry. We also provide our complimentary Certificate of Authenticity for extra piece of mind and to appreciate the value of the item over time.

It is advisable that you insure your diamond or fine jewelry product as part of your homeowner's or renter's insurance policy.

Lifetime Upgrade

Diamond Traces values your business and offers a Lifetime upgrade option to its returning customers. Returning customers who wish to upgrade and purchase another item that costs at least 50% more than their original purchase may return the original purchase item at anytime and Diamond Traces will credit the full purchase price toward the upgraded item. The returned item must be in condition acceptable to Diamond Traces. No restocking fee like most of jewelry companies, you will receive a full credit on your original diamond.
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