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After You Place Your Order

Our quality standards are among the highest of all jewelers. We use only the finest materials to create jewelry with exceptional craftsmanship and the finest loose diamonds available. We're confident that you won't find a better diamond or piece of jewelry for the price.

After you place your order, we ensure the ring will arrive quickly, easily, and is even more spectacular than you estimated.

The guide below will show you what happens after you place your order. You will see how in few days the ring you designed will be completely set, documented, packaged, and securely delivered to your door.

Professional Service

Our diamond expert and jewelry consultants are available to help you with any difficult decisions you might have from diamond shape or setting style, to choosing between platinum and gold. They already help thousands of couples selecting their perfect engagement. They offer guidance based on the standards set by the world's leading diamond grading laboratories.

You can ask them about any delivery arrangement you would like whether you what to schedule it for Saturday, pick-up at FedEx facility near you delivery or to ship it to an alternate address for secrecy.

We don’t hire any sales people that work on commission, there is no pressure with you making any decision, and you’re not obligated to make any purchase with us. Our diamond expert and jewelry consultants are strictly to help you and to guide you with your purchase.

Once you submit your order, and your payment is clear, your order immediately goes to our workshop where the process of building your ring begins.

Step 1 - Building the Ring

Our jewelers have over 20 years of experience creating high quality rings using the finest equipment, so you know your ring will be crafted with attention to every detail with the greatest quality.

First we will locate your ring design and cast your preferred metal type (platinum or gold) into the model that you choose. After we have the model ready we will size it to fit your fiancée's finger, and add prongs that are perfectly sized to fit your diamond. Once the casting is ready our polisher will polish and rhodium (only for white gold). Those with side stones will be set prior to the center stone.

Quality Check
The quality of the settings is now carefully inspected under magnification. Once the setting pass quality assurance tests, the setting goes back to our workshop for setting the main diamond.

Step 2 - Setting the Diamond

Next, we will locate your selected diamond in our stock of thousand of diamonds and give it to our master jeweler for setting. All of our diamonds are already been pre-selected based on our standards of quality and accompanied by an independent grading certificate. Working under magnification for precise detail work, your diamond is carefully set in the ring when beauty and security is in his top priority.

Quality Check
Once our master jeweler sets your diamond with the strength and security of prongs, your finished ring returns to our quality department where it is inspected a final time.

Step 3 – Documentations

In this step the custom diamond engagement ring is carefully reviewed, appraised, and a certificate of authenticity will be created.
An estimated retail replacement value will be calculated by our gemologist using the current market data, retail prices, the 4C’s of the diamond, and the weight of precious metal included in the item and the craftsmanship of the item.

Step 4 – Packing and Shipping

In the final step, your engagement ring is placed beautifully in our one of a kind jewelry box accompanied by the diamond grading report, the certificate of authenticity and our jewelry warranty.

Insured all the way
We insure your shipment all the way to your doorstep. Your ring will be shipped with FedEx 2nd Day, and your box will be unmarked to continue to keep its contents secret.

Your Secret is Safe
Great lengths are taken to keep your secret a surprise. All order related e-mails are sent to the e-mail account you specified. We can ship your ring to an alternate address other than your billing address, or we can ship it to the location nearest you for pick-up at your convenience, so she won't suspect a thing.

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