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As a family owned business for over 35 years, we take great pride in everything we do. Diamond Traces has become the leading supplier of Russian-cut diamonds. With offices in Israel, New York, and a state of the art diamond cutting facility in Russia, Diamond Traces is truly a global diamond expert.

We understand that buying diamond jewelry online without “touching” or “seeing” the actual piece can be very difficult and sometimes even a frustrating process, while also personal and should be treated with extraordinary attention.

At Diamond Traces, we consistently striving to make life easy for you and your significant others by doing everything we can. Over the years our family has established a basic set of beliefs that the jewelry buying process does not simply begin and end with one sale. Our goal is to make sure that our customers are forever satisfied even after the sale. Our main believes and goals, is to formulate longstanding relationships based on trust so that you will refer to us as a friend in your buying process.

Diamond Traces is not your ordinary dealer. We take great pride in being a full service distributor of jewelry with a caring and competent staff consisting of accredited jewelers, a graduate GIA gemologist, and master goldsmiths. Our goldsmiths present the highest quality of craftsmanship while delivering the best product to your satisfaction. Basically, we can custom design any piece of jewelry to your liking and create it to your taste.

We pride ourselves on having an assortment of styles in different price ranges so that there will always be something special that befits your style or for that someone special. As you will see, we're not just interested in selling you any piece of jewelry.

At Diamond Traces, you'll find a wide assortment of high-quality loose diamonds and fine jewelry, the option to design your own piece of jewelry, and the opportunity to learn about diamonds – all in the comfort of your home, without any bias or sales pressure.

We take our job seriously and believe in fostering a long and lasting relationship as your family jeweler.

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