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Quality and Value

Our quality standards are among the highest of all jewelers.
We use only the finest materials to create jewelry with exceptional craftsmanship and the finest loose diamonds available.
We're confident that you won't find a better diamond or piece of jewelry for the price. All of our loose diamonds evaluated based on a consistent grading scale and each loose diamond is backed by our a grading report from either GIA, EGL or AGI, independent diamond grading labs with the most stringent grading scales of all labs.
Additional to the 3rd Party Certificate, every item will come with our Certificate of Authenticity and will mention a picture of the item and estimate retail value.

Diamond Traces Standards

  We Carry We do not Carry
Color D-M N-Z
Clarity FL-I1 I2-I3
Cut Excellent-Good Fair-Poor
Diamond Traces offers huge selections of loose diamonds and mounted jewelry at outstanding quality in cut, color, and clarity..
Our database of diamonds includes thousands of choices, allowing you to determine the exact characteristics of your diamond including cut, clarity, color, weight and price range.

This combination of exceptional quality and extraordinary value has drawn thousands of couples to Diamond Traces.
We offer each customer the opportunity to get exactly what he or she is looking for.

We understand that buying diamonds and jewelry online without “touching” or “seeing” the actual piece can be very difficult and sometimes even a frustrating process, while also personal and should be treated with extraordinary attention.

At Diamond Traces you’re shopping risk-free and in the best quality.
Almost everyone checks prices on the internet before making any large purchase.
If people do this for real estate, cars, airline tickets, and vacations, it seems only logical that they put in the same amount of research into diamond jewelry.

Diamond Traces offer you with more advantages than any retail store model can give you.
Finely cut diamonds and beautifully-crafted rings for hundreds to thousands of dollars less than traditional retail sources.

Wholesales Pricing
At Diamond Traces you will get the highest quality products at the lowest prices in the market. Our prices are significantly less than traditional jewelers, providing you with higher quality precious metals, expert craftsmanship, and even a larger diamond than you can find at most jewelers.
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