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Choose Your Diamond Size
The diamond size you should choose depends on the style and shape that you prefer. Here are some ideas and styles of popular pendants:
Choose Your Diamond Shape
There are multiple options you have to choose from when it comes to a diamond shapes:
Round diamonds Round diamonds
This particular shape can look good on pendant. One style that you could go for is a 3 diamond pendant necklace that has various sizes. It has the potential to elongate your neck. You may also decide to go with a 3 stone diamond style. This typically features one big diamond/stone surrounded by two smaller ones. Another popular pick for pendants are pear shaped diamonds. One side of a pear is smaller, and the other is bigger. A marquise shaped diamond is similar to the pear shape, but looks more like a football than a pair. Some people like this pick because they feel like it is a good combination of soft and hard lines. The middle has soft lines like the round cut, yet sharper lines on the end like a princess or emerald cut.
Tear Drop Pendant Tear Drop pendant
If you are going to go with a tear drop pendant, you should get one big diamond that is the shape of a tear drop. If you want to make it shine, you can surround it by teeny tiny diamonds that surround the tear drop.
Heart Pendant Heart Pendant
Heart pendants can be special for romantic occasions. It’s a great gift to give if you are looking for a pretty piece, yet you are not ready to make the commitment of marriage. One of the popular styles with heart pendants is to feature changing sized diamonds along one side of the heart.
Three Stone Pendant Three Stone Pendant
A three stone pendant style will feature 3 different stones. One of the ways that people wear this type of pendant is surrounding one big stone with two smaller stones.
Animal Pendant Animal Pendant
Another option you have when it comes to the styles of pedants is animals. They can feature small diamonds that fit into the design of the animal. This type of pendant can be appropriate for a younger person who has an interest in a particular animal i.e a butterfly or a penguin.
Choose Your Metal
The three precious metals that you have to choose from include gold, white gold, platinum, and silver. Silver is the most affordable out of all of the options because it is the least rare. Gold is somewhat yellow, but can come in different colors. White gold looks similar to platinum because it is white and bright. However- white gold is a combination of traditional gold and another precious metal whereas platinum is naturally white and has a tint of grey. There is also rose gold that has a tint of pink or red.
Choose Your Diamond Shape
There are plenty of diamond shapes that you have to choose from. Some of them include princess cut, pear, marquise, square, emerald, round brilliance, and much more. If you are looking to maximize the shimmer and shine of your diamond, you should probably pick a round brilliance shape. The most popular for engagement rings are princess cut.
Choose Your Budget
The budget of your pendant necklace should depend on a few factors. You will have to pick which precious metal you want in addition to the stone/gem that you choose.
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