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The clarity enhancement process seeks to maximize a diamond’s beauty by optimizing the diamond’s clarity. This process can be done only natural earth mined diamonds.

99.99% from the diamonds in the world have inclusions and the diamond cutting process from rough to polish make some of the inclusions more visible to the naked-eye. These visible inclusions will affect on the clarity grade, the fire and the brilliance of the diamond. The clarity enhancement process simply come to make some inclusions less visible to the naked-eye and by that it add more fire and brilliance to the diamond so the diamond look much better than before. The inclusion is still in the diamond, it just more difficult to see it.

How the clarity enhanced process work?

Because a diamond is created by nature, within each diamond are imperfections (commonly referred to as inclusions) that give the diamond its unique “fingerprint”. One commonly found imperfection is called a “feather”. Feathers are small white feather-shaped fractures in the diamond that were caused by the tremendous stress the diamond suffered while growing underground. While feathers lower the clarity (by deflecting light as it passes through the diamond) and potentially the brilliance of the diamond, they do not pose a risk to the stability of the diamond.

The revolutionary clarity enhancement process, replace air trapped in the feather with a patented solution that has optical properties similar to diamonds. Because the empty space is filled with a diamond-like substance, the clarity enhancement process is also commonly referred to as “feather filling.” After a diamond has been “feather filled,” light can travel through it without deflection. Because the inclusions that had impeded light refraction are now gone, the clarity, fire, and brilliance of the diamond are all significantly improved.

Exemple of Clarity Enhancement

The Advantages

Clarity enhanced diamonds provide tremendous advantages over non-enhanced diamonds. Diamond Traces gives you the opportunity to get a 50% LARGER DIAMONDS or BETTER QUALITY DIAMONDS than you would from the other online brands.

Use the 3 buttons in the box below and see the advantages by yourself:


Non Clarity
Enhanced Diamond

  • 1.50ct
  • G Color
  • SI2 Clarity
  • $10,500

Enhanced Diamond

  • 2.35ct
  • G Color
  • SI2 Clarity
  • $10,500

Both of these diamonds are certified 100% earth mined diamonds with ideal cut & proportions.

  • Size Advantage
  • Quality Advantage
  • Price Advantage

The Flash Effect

All clarity enhanced diamonds have what is known as the “flash effect.” The flash effect appears as a line of vivid color at the location of the enhancement. The color of the flash is usually purple, red or blue.
However, not all clarity enhanced diamonds are the same. We believe in an individualized approach to clarity enhancement. Unlike other manufacturers that use the same technique on all types of inclusions, we use different methods depending on the type of inclusion. Our unique approach has allowed us to minimize the flash effect so that the flash is visible only on the pavilion side of the diamond or with the aid of a jeweler's loupe or microscope. Since the pavilion is concealed when the diamond is set in a ring or other piece of jewelry, the flash cannot be spotted without magnification.
The flash effect does serve an important purpose. When jewelers see the flash, they take the proper precautions when doing repairs so as to not remove the enhancement.

Individualized Enhancement

At Diamond Traces, we have developed a proprietary process that makes minor feather inclusions invisible to the naked eye. What makes our process unique and superior to other technologies is that we employ different techniques for filling different kinds of inclusions. Diamond Traces is the only company that evaluates each diamond and selects the best process for that individual stone. This individualized treatment has a twofold advantage. Firstly, it minimizes the flash effect so it’s visible only when louping the pavilion of the diamond. Secondly, because the flash effect is nearly eliminated, we are able to achieve maximum brilliance. Additionally, unlike the competition, our process won’t downgrade the diamond’s color. Not ones to rest on our laurels, we remain on the edge of research and development so we can further improve on our enhancement process and offer our customers only the best possible product.

Lifetime Guarantee

Diamond Traces is proud to offer a Lifetime Guarantee on the treatment for all of our Feather Filling Diamonds. The Lifetime Guarantee provides our customers with the peace of mind that if in the very unlikely event that something should happen to the enhancement, we will re-treat the diamond at no cost, no questions asked.
The only things likely to compromise the integrity of your diamond's enhancement are the flame of a torch or boiling acids and bases. Therefore, daily wear and at-home cleaning pose no risks to the diamond’s enhancement.
Every item comes with a credit-card-sized card containing our Certificate of Authenticity on one side, and the Lifetime Guarantee on the back.

Benefits of Clarity Enhanced Diamonds

Ideal Cut Ideal Cut
Most of our diamonds are produced within exact specifications and carefully hand-faceted by an expert cutter. We take great pride in the cut of our diamonds, and are willing to sacrifice weight to achieve the ideal cut so as to maximize the jewel’s brilliance.
Improved Clarity Improved Clarity
The clarity enhancement process can improve the clarity of a diamond by up to two grades, so the diamond has to be high quality from the beginning. For example, an SI2 grade diamond has the potential to become a VS2 grade.
Extra Fire and Brilliance Extra Fire and Brilliance
In addition to improving clarity, the enhancement process also creates exceptional fire and increases brilliance by 3 times.
Attractive Pricing Attractive Pricing
Our clarity enhanced diamonds are 40 to 50 percent less expensive than non-enhanced diamonds, giving you the option to obtain a larger diamond within your budget and without sacrificing quality.

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