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The model of a traditional engagement ring is composed from two parts, the diamond and the setting. It is recommended to select the diamond center stone first, and then decide on the setting that best complements that center stone.

How much should I spend?

The first consideration for many is the budget. When deciding on your budget, a common starting point is one to two months’ of salary. However, regardless of the amount of your budget, it is essential that quality and value are foremost in your mind. Clarity enhanced diamonds give you the option to obtain a cleaner or larger diamond, without exceeding your budget.

Choose your perfect diamond

Since the diamond is the most expansive part of the ring it’s better to start with the diamond first. Diamond Traces believe that a well educated customer makes wise purchase. Whether you want to make a statement or to stay humble, at the next page you will find lots of useful tips that will help you to find your perfect diamond.

Find your ring style

Some women already have in mind what style of ring they want but finding it out without her can be a challenge. Think about her preferred jewelry style does she like antique pieces, or does she prefer sleek and modern designs? At the next page we will give you a list of tips that will give you a clearer view and hopefully save you some time.

Choose your metal

Choosing the right metal for an engagement ring is crucial, yet simple. Think about her preferred jewelry style when deciding on the precious metal of her engagement ring. Does she wear primarily yellow gold, white metal, or a combination of each? Does she allergic to some king of metal?

Find your ring size

Don’t know her ring size; you can ask her mom, sister or best friend. Still have no idea; we got few helpful methods for discovering her ring size and a 60-day free ring sizing.

Choose your jeweler

When making this purchase, there are certain perfection benefits you should from your jeweler additionally to the price, the selection, and the knowledge. Learn what to you should expect from a jeweler when making a purchase this important.
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