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We understand that buying diamond jewelry online without “touching” or “seeing” the actual piece can be very difficult and sometimes even a frustrating process, while also personal and should be treated with extraordinary attention. Below are important education information about setting you may wish to learn before making your final decision.


Prong Setting

Learn about prong setting and answer these questions:
  • What is a Prong setting?
  • What are the Prong setting styles available?
  • What are the Prong settings characteristics?
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Learn about pavé/micro-pavé setting and answer these questions:
  • Pavé Setting Or Beads Setting?
  • What is a Micro Pavé Setting?
  • What are the Micro Pavé characteristics?
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Bezel Setting

Learn about bezel setting and answer these questions:
  • What is a Bezel setting?
  • What are the Bezel setting characteristics?
  • What is a Partial Bezel setting?
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Channel Setting

Learn more about chanel setting and answer these questions:
  • What is a Channel setting?
  • What are the Channel setting characteristics?
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