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Custom Made Jewelry

Our new revolutionary design software can now create any piece of jewelry that your heart desires. Simply email us a picture, or even a sketch and we will work with you to create your unique piece of jewelry.
By using computer aided design software and special manufacturing, we have finally broken the barrier and can now custom design any piece of jewelry you want.

Step 1 - Send us your sketch

Email us or fax us a sketch, image or a photo of your unique piece of jewelry, or even try to describe your idea to our jewelry consultant. Contact Us

Step 2 - Design Approval

We will send you back our initial design drawing for your approval and you can make any changes desired. Contact Us

Step 3 - Wax Mold

Once the final design has been agreed upon, we will then export the 3-D model to our rapid prototyping machine, which will actually grow a wax mold of your new design. Among all the different types of modeling machines on the market today, we use only the best milling, wax-jet, and laser formation processes. We will pick the type of machine that will best meet your needs to produce the desired effect. See Examples Contact Us

Step 4 - Final Product

Once completed, we will produce an actual piece of jewelry with diamonds, gold, platinum, or whatever materials you desire. The possibilities are endless. See Examples Contact Us
  • Please note, since custom designed jewelry are your own unique design and not our typical idea, Diamond Traces do NOT refund since they are your own that we altered or personally made according to a client’s designs are NOT returnable.
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