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If it is right time for the both of you, then you are turning your thoughts to that perfect engagement ring. Although there are many different styles and designs around, there is one that is gaining popularity quickly, and it is no wonder. This style combines an exquisite diamond in the center with a diamond studded border around the stone. These incredible rings are more brilliant and sparkling than just a diamond centered on the ring. The halo draws attention to the center stone, making it look larger and brighter.
Options for Halo Engagement Rings
It doesn’t matter what size center stone you choose. It doesn’t matter what shape you choose, having a halo designed around that stone will make the ring unique, exquisite and extraordinary. Round, pear, oval, rectangle or square diamonds can all be surrounded by smaller diamonds or other brilliant stones that will complement and enhance your center gem.
If you want it to really be brilliant, add the gem halo and have the ring band studded also. This will add brightness and brilliance to the main stone, making it look larger and brighter.
If you don’t want it surrounded by other gems, you can still get the halo effect by having the main stone centered inside a white gold, yellow gold or platinum outer ring. You can also have the outer ring engraved or etched to get the same desired effect.

Exemple of Antique Vintage Engagement Rings:

  • Example of Halo Ring
  • Example of Halo Ring
  • Example of Halo Ring
  • Example of Halo Ring
  • Example of Halo Ring
  • Example of Halo Ring
Some options that make it even more exquisite
Surrounding the engagement diamond with alternating birthstones, his and hers will also make a beautiful halo engagement ring that will be precious not only to the bride-to-be, but to her future husband as well.
Using colored or tinted diamonds around the center stone will definitely draw attention to the ring, along with making it one of a kind, a valuable, unique collector’s item that can be handed down from generation to generation.
To make the ring complete, you can order the wedding bands in the same style, with the same stones. For a really unique set, have the stones on the wedding band alternated between the white diamond and the birthstones or other tinted diamonds like what is used in the halo engagement ring.
When you take the time to design and choose a halo engagement ring, you are not only showing your love and admiration, but you are also creating a family heirloom that will be passed down and talked about for years.
An engagement ring is a once in a lifetime purchase, so making it that one completely unique and exquisite halo engagement ring is the best choice. She will love it, she will cherish it, and she will wear it all the time to show that she returns the same emotions that you feel. Just like the wedding invites and ceremony, the engagement ring will always be held in high esteem among the fondest memories she will hold for all of her life. The halo engagement ring is the perfect choice.

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