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Antique Vintage Engagement Rings

When you have reached a period in your life where you are considering an engagement, there is an air of magic already in just about everything that you do. The perfect ring is of course just one step of many in this magical journey. Today, you want to keep up with the trends, while at the same time, perhaps enjoy a little bit of tradition in your ring selection. The magic behind a vintage engagement ring has become a concept that is more contemporary than it ever has been, and it has become in with the old to consider a ring that is both antique and contemporary at the same time. If this is something that you are considering, there are a number of ways to go about it. There is something exquisite about vintage engagement rings, whether you are using an heirloom or creating an antique look, an antique style ring is one that tells a story of days gone by. They offer an air of mystery to today’s contemporary woman, and whether the style is Edwardian, Art Nouveau, or Art Deco, a vintage ring makes a very profound statement about the woman that wears it.

Exemple of Antique Vintage Engagement Rings:

There is no concept more traditional than that of marriage, and this makes a vintage engagement ring an excellent choice for today’s bride. They are simply one of the hottest trends in the engagement industry today offering a timeless look to any wedding look. The top ways to get a vintage ring or an antique look are numerous. One way to do so is by starting with your own heirloom. Perhaps your mother or grandmother or a beloved family member is passing a ring down from one generation to the next and you will be using this as your base for your engagement ring. If this is the way you go, you can still create original engagement rings from a vintage base, by setting a contemporary diamond in your vintage band. This way, the only thing you need to purchase is an exquisite loose diamond that matches your personality with style. The original diamond can still be preserved within the family unit, safety deposit box, or home safe, or wherever it will be most secure. You can even put the original diamond into a pendant setting to create a jewelry ensemble with your vintage ring creating two antique pieces from one.

If you don’t have an heirloom to use, but still want the look of a vintage engagement piece, you can browse pawn shops or estate sale. This will allow you to get a bargain on an antique piece and will serve as a great starting point in the creation of your own unique ring. You will save on money here as well, as the only additional cost you will have is in the selection of your unique loose diamond to match your antique band. The end result? A contemporary engagement ring that still offers all of the magic and mystery of an authentic antique ring. Another way to get the perfect vintage ring is to purchase an entire contemporary engagement ring that is styled in an antique motif. There are a number of settings, bands, and cuts to choose from, that will allow you to recreate the magic and mystique of days gone yore, in a ring that is entirely today.

When it comes to antique engagement rings, you can go in with the old in a number of ways to meet any size or budget.

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