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Conflict Free Diamonds

Conflict Free Diamond
Every Diamond Traces diamond is subject to strict monitoring from the mine all the way to your ring to ensure it comes from areas free of conflict. We have a zero-tolerance policy against conflict diamonds.
At Diamond Traces, we carefully track all of our diamonds from mine to market to ensure they are mined, cut, and polished in a socially and environmentally responsible manner, while many of our polished diamonds are obtained from reputable suppliers and have been mined in socially responsible manner.

Russian Cut Diamonds

Russian Cut Diamond
Diamond Traces carries the largest selection of Russian Cut (Ideal-cut) diamonds. We do not carry diamonds with cut grades lower than fair, which are generally either too shallow or too deep to present an acceptable amount of brilliance.
For more than a decade, Russia has been known as the premier diamond cutter. Russian-cut is an ideal- cut diamond that has 58 facets, with excellent proportion and symmetry. Each Diamond Traces diamond is produced within exact specifications and carefully hand-faceted by an expert cutter. We take great pride in the cut of our diamonds, and are willing to sacrifice weight to achieve the ideal cut so as to maximize the jewel’s brilliance.

We will take care of everything

Peace of Mind
From the minute you complete your check out, you can rest assure that we are on top of everything. Each item that is purchase from us will be shipped free via FedEx or UPS with full insurance to the minute it arrived to your door. Inside the shipping box you will find an elegant gift packaging with all the necessary documentation like independent grading report and certificate of authenticity. If for any reason you are not satisfied with your purchase, you can return it within 30 days for a full refund or exchange.

A lifetime commitment

Lifetime Commitment
We stand behind our products. All Diamond Traces diamonds, engagement rings, and fine jewelry are subject to high standards of quality. Each piece is manufactured in our facilities using only the most premium materials and methods of craftsmanship and backed by a Jewelry Warranty, which protects against all defects in manufacturing, design, and workmanship.

A lifetime commitment

Diamond Traces use the latest encryption technology to protect your online purchase. All transactions go through industry standard security methods to ensure that your credit card and personal information are protected. 

Wholesales Pricing

Wholesales Pricing
At Diamond Traces you will get the highest quality products at the lowest prices in the market. No Middle Men, No Retail Stores Overhead, No Salesmen Fees.
Our prices are significantly less than traditional jewelers, providing you with higher quality precious metals, expert craftsmanship, and even a larger diamond than you can find at most jewelers.
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Conflict Free Diamonds
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