Diamond Traces

Custom Made Color

Natural fancy colored diamonds are very rare, extremely attractive and tremendously expensive. Very few people have the pleasure or owing one of these stones. However with modern advancements in the diamond industry it’s now possible to enhance the color of a diamond into a glowing and intense colored stone.

  Hover tiles to see all different fancy colors.
  Purple DiamondPurple
Red DiamondRed
Blue DiamondBlue
Green DiamondGreen
Pink DiamondPink
Brown DiamondBrown
Brown Yellow DiamondBrown Yellow Yellow DiamondYellow

Diamond Traces carry huge amount of color enhanced diamond, however If you are looking for a diamond with a very special color and a very specific set of criteria, our Diamond Expert and will work to locate this diamond for you or even make it with coating or irradiation process.
  • Please note, since custom made color is your own unique design and not set to our typical market, Diamond Traces do NOT refund since they are your own that we altered or personally made according to a client’s designs are NOT returnable.

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