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Certificate of Authenticity

Exemple of Certificate of Authenticity:

Exemple of Diamond Traces Certificate of Authenticity
Diamond Traces is fully understand the pressure of buying something as precious and expensive like diamonds engagement ring online that is why we came up with our NEW Certificate of Authenticity to provide you an extra peace-of-mind and to prove you that your item is 100% authentic from Diamond Traces.
The grading on our certificate of authenticity will be based on the same grading that were issued by AGI, GIA or EGL, which are among the most respected organizations in the diamond industry.

Additional to the 4C’s (Cut, Color, Clarity & Carat) of the diamond, the Certificate will also include information like item number, date of purchase, estimate retail price and caring for your diamond, jewelries will include the metal type and metal weight.

Diamond Traces Certificate of Authenticity will come with every purchase of diamond engagement rings, loose diamonds and jewelries from $500 and over.

The Advantages

  • The certificate will help you insure your diamond with most insurance companies.
  • It also ensures that you will always get our support on your purchase
  • It shows guidelines of How to care for your diamond and jewelry.
  • Picture of your item will be printed on the certificate.
  • The certificate is a Credit Card Size so you can carry it in your wallet.
  • A Lifetime Treatments Guarantee on Clarity Enhanced Diamond printed on the back of it.

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